Debut Album Tom Byrne

Tom is joined by the legendary Frankie Gavin on fiddle and viola, Carl Hession on piano, Paul O’Driscoll on double bass and Laurence Doherty on snare-drum to present a recording rich in sound and texture.

Frankie Gavin has also produced the album, which features a mixture of haunting melodies including Tom‚Äôs stunning composition ‚ÄėCaoineadh na Neamh ‚Äď Chiontach‚Äô (The Cry of The Innocent), and his fathers beautiful waltz, ‚ÄėThe Sliabh Ban Waltz‚Äô.¬† In addition, there are a selection of high powered dance tunes played with authority, passion and panache featuring Tom and also in duet with Frankie, which are guaranteed to put a stride in your step.

Recorded live at Backroom, McGrory's, Culdaff, Co Donegal

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01. Tom Ginley's Favourite  
02. Catriona's Fling, The Musical Priest, Paddy's Trip To Scotland  
03. The Sliabh Ban Waltz  
04. President Garfield   
05. Macushla  
06. The Coolfada Reel, Tommy Peoples' Reel  
07. Caoineadh na Neamh - Chiontach (The Cry Of The Innocent)  
08. Scott Skinner Selection  
09. Anniversary Song  
10. Shrip's Clog, Spellan's Inspiration  
11. Trim The Velvet  
12. The Poppy Leaf, The Japanese Hornpipe  

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Tom Byrne Debut Album


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